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The Plastic Hunter

A portable and affordable floating wetland unit that collects and removes microplastic debris from rivers via plant root biofilters.

Laminated structures made of composting pad, porous planting membrane, and fiberglass frame to support plant growth.

Modular form designed to be easily connected to form a network.



How to Deploy

Step 1

Plastic Hunter pad deployed in polluted river.

Step 2

Microplastic fragments adhere to plant roots over time until they saturates.

Step 3

Once saturated, the removable planting membrane is lifted from the water, while a fine net underneath the pad prevents microplastics from re-entering the river.

Step 4

The contaminated plant matter is removed from the pad, and is safely managed in secure facilities.

Step 5

A new pad is then applied to the Plastic Hunter frame with fresh plants to continue entrapping microplastic pollutants.