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Plastic Plastic

This is a year-long design proposal that aims to address the scale and impact of aquatic plastics in the context of a city. It imagined that plastic pollutants can be consolidated into a manageable and perceptible scale. Focusing on the Pacific garbage patch and the mouth of the LA river as sites of intervention, this thesis speculates upon the development of novel architectural systems for the extraction and long term storage of aquatic plastic pollutants. 

Once implemented, our sites serve to consolidate plastic sediments from vast geographies of minute fragments, into a dense nucleation of plastic landscapes and architecture. Through its continued growth and mutation, the site becomes a lifeform for the accumulation and eventual digestion of plastic pollutants. As societies gradually transition away from plastics, towards less harmful alternatives, we anticipate the growth of the site to stagnate, transforming it into an artifact of bygone plastic consumption, all the while locking away plastics within the dense fabric of the city.